Target field(s): Climate and weather sciences, biodiversity, environmental research, geophysics, bioinformatics.


The Climate and Weather Science Virtual Laboratory for studying and forecasting weather patterns.

The Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO and the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) at The Australian National University are partners in the development of a new Virtual Laboratory. The Climate and Weather Science Laboratory will provide an integrated national facility for model development, the provision and assessment of climate and weather simulations, and establish a readily available archive of climate and weather data.

The virtual laboratory’s goal is to:

  • Enrich scientists’ access to resources,
  • Reduce the technical barriers to using state of the art tools,
  • Racilitate the sharing of experiments and results,
  • Reduce the time to conduct scientific research studies, and
  • Elevate the collaboration and contributions by the Australian research community to the development of the Australian Community Climate Earth-System Simulator (ACCESS).

For more information please refer to the website.