Target field(s): Endocrinology;

Subject(s): Adrenal Tumors, Type-1 Diabetes, Disorder of Sex Disease, Niemann-Pick Disease, Atypical Femur Fracture and Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome.


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image The Endocrine Virtual Laboratory (endoVL) is a national initiative to establish a range of clinical registries supporting genetically focused clinical trials and studies targeted to the needs of the endocrine research communities, networks and societies across Australia.

  • Easily and securely access clinical and bioinformatics data sets.
  • Share data sets and collaborate nationally and internationally with clinical communities and patients.

The establishment of endoVL shall demonstrate how Australia-wide endocrine research can be augmented and translated into a clinical (translational) context, leveraging and integrating –omics capabilities. This will realise the vision of personalised e-Health by providing a seamless, user-oriented research environment and will show how –omics research can itself be directly shaped from contextual clinical information on the patients involved.

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