Target field(s): Humanities, Speech Science, Computer Science, Behavioural science, Linguistics, Music cognition and Musicology, Sonics and Acoustics.


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image The Humanities Virtual Lab (HuNI) is a new research and discovery platform developed by and for humanities and creative arts scholars. HuNI is integrating many important cultural data sets for researchers in the humanities: it combines information from 30 of Australia’s most significant cultural datasets. These datasets comprise more than 2 million authoritative records relating to the people, organisations, objects and events that make up Australia’s rich cultural heritage. HuNI also enables researchers to work with and share this large-scale aggregation of cultural information.

The Human Communication Science Virtual Laboratory aims at cross-disciplinary interaction and information sharing between researchers. It is built for researchers from several disciplines: speech science, computer science, behavioural science, linguistics, music cognition and musicology, sonics and acoustics.

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