In this module, you have learned what eResearch tools and Virtual Laboratories are. You should now have a general idea of what Virtual Labs and eResearch tools are and maybe you have found a tool that is “ready to use” for you.

In summary, Virtual Labs vs eResearch Tools:

  • Virtual labs:
    • on-line platforms offering a collection of discipline-specific tools and data.
    • create new platforms for collaboration and information sharing.
  • eResearch tools:
    • offer a variety of research software for the Australian research community, often addressing researchers across disciplines.
    • focus on enhancing existing tools and applications.

If you have not identified any tool or virtual lab that you may benefit from, there is still one major NeCTAR service which you will be interested in: The Research Cloud. The next modules will cover usage of Cloud Computing for your research.

Continue with Module 3 which will discuss a few common use cases for the NeCTAR Research Cloud.