Target field(s): Medical/Biomedical imaging.


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Maintained by: CSIRO


The Cloud-based Image Analysis and Processing Toolbox (also known as CloudImaging) provides access to existing biomedical image processing and analysis tools via remote user‐interface using the NeCTAR cloud. The existing software packages have been developed over the last 10‐15 years by CSIRO scientists and software engineers, and they include:

  • HCA‐Vision: developed for automating the process of quantifying cell features in microscopy images.

  • MILXView: a 3D medical imaging analysis and visualisation platform increasingly popular with researchers and medical specialists working with MRI, PET and other types of medical images.

  • X‐TRACT: developed for advanced X‐ray image analysis and Computed Tomography. X‐TRACT implements a large number of conventional and advanced algorithms for 2D and 3D X‐ray image reconstruction and simulation.

The toolbox will unify those software packages in the form of libraries for image analysis, processing and 3D reconstruction algorithms to run in the cloud environment for high computation tasks and/or large image datasets

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