Target field(s): Broad spectrum of disciplines—from Medicine and Nanotechnology to Manufacturing and Mineral Exploration.


Maintained by: Australian Synchroton

image This project comprises tools for the Australian Synchroton community. The Australian Synchrotron is a world-class national research facility that uses accelerator technology to produce a powerful source of light—x-rays and infrared radiation—a million times brighter than the sun.

The facility has nine different experimental stations, or beamlines, which harness that light so researchers can see the fundamental structure and composition of materials, on scales ranging from the atomic to the macroscopic – with a level of detail, speed and accuracy not possible in conventional laboratories.

The integration with NeCTAR eResearch tools will enable scientific users of the community to have instant access to the results of data during the course of their experiments, facilitating better decision-making and providing opportunities for ongoing data analysis via remote access.

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