Duration: about 1/2 to 1 hour (video shorter than 1/2 hour)

Level: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced


This module will discuss five fast ways to make the cloud work for the attendees research. Common use cases for the NeCTAR Research Cloud and the research outcomes they can enable will be described.


What specific topics will be covered in the course

The following use cases will be discussed (5 out of the 8 will be picked):

  1. Embarrassingly parallel problems (EPP)
  2. Data Sharing with other researchers
  3. On-demand Computing for research and teaching
  4. Remote Access to services from anywhere
  5. Developing a Research App
  6. Reproducible Research
  7. Teaching
  8. Big Data demands


  • face to face
  • video


The attendee will have a better idea of what uses and benefits the Research Cloud can have. They may have identified a use case that applies to their research.

Course suitable for

Beginners who have attended the previous modules. The researcher has eliminated “ready to go” options. Now they want to know what uses a VM on the Research Cloud can be put to.

Before the course

No preparation needed for this module.