You should now have a good idea about the difference between Cloud and HPC.

If you have found that the Cloud is a great choice for your research IT infrastructure, you will enjoy the rest of this course.

You may have found that HPC is the right choice for you, in which case you can go on to find out more about your options to use HPC computing. Contact your local IT department to find out more. You may also be interested to take a look at the Intersect course “Introduction to Unix for HPC”. You may still benefit from attending the rest of this course, in which we will learn more about the Research Cloud and how to use it for your research. Maybe you will be able to identify use cases in your future research, in which case you will be all prepared!

In summary, this module has discussed:

  • The difference between Cloud an HPC
  • When to use HPC
  • When to use Cloud Computing
  • Pros and cons of the Cloud

You may now continue with Module 5.