Duration: about 1 hour (video under half hour)

Level: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced


This module provides a high-level overview of the processes involved when using the Research Cloud. More details about the specific steps involved will be provided in the later modules — this module will only focus on a high-level overview.


Topics will include: How to get onto the research cloud; how the allocation process works; how to select an image and launch an instance; how to get support (including when to go to NeCTAR central and when to the node); how to track utilisation; necessary housekeeping (e.g. updates, backups); how to terminate a VM (and not lose anything); mitigating risks.


  • face to face
  • video


The researcher will have a good idea of what is involved in working with the Research Cloud, and what steps are necessary in order to get the Research Cloud working and keeping the VMs secure. They are now curious about more details which will be provided in the next modules.

Course suitable for

Researchers who have attended the previous modules. Having elected to move to a VM in the cloud (rather than sticking with their PC or opting for HPC), the researcher wants to know what they’re in for. What are the key activities?

Before the course

No preparation needed for this module.