This module provides a high-level overview of the processes involved when using the Research Cloud. More details about the specific steps involved will be provided in the later modules — this module will only focus on a high-level overview.

Topics will include: how to get onto the research cloud, necessary housekeeping you will need to do (e.g. updates, backups) and how to keep your VM secure. Finally, you will learn about terminating services without losing anything, how to get support and how to request more resources.


The following videos go through most of the content in this module and offer a less in-depth description of the subject than the documentation does.

Project trial

Any researcher who logs on to the web Dashboard can immediately have access to a small Project Trial allocation (2 instances and 2 cores for 3 months). A Project provides access to a certain allocation of resources. Project Trials have names like pt-8637. Within your default allocation you can run:

  • a medium (two core) VM, or
  • two small (single core) VMs.

You can run VMs of various sizes in the cloud, from one to 16 cores, and up to hundreds of VMs. However to obtain such a larger allocation you need to submit an allocation request through the web Dashboard. We will talk about this later in this Module.


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