Duration: about 1 hour face-to-face (video about half hour)

Level: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced


After the researcher now knows what a virtual machine is, they may ask themselves: How many instances do I require? How many CPU cores per instance? How much storage can I get, and what types of storage are available?

This module we will discuss factors which help determine the amount of resources (computing and storage) which may be required. Different types of storage that are available to researchers will be discussed, which will help the researcher decide which type is most suitable for their research purposes.


This module covers the following topics:

  • Different types of storage
  • Estimation of how many cores are required
  • Whether the researcher benefits from using several instances


  • face to face
  • video


The researcher will be aware of the different types of storage available, which will be important for the next modules, and help them decide which kind of storage they require. They will know about key factors which determine how many CPUs they should choose for their instance, and they will know whether they can do some further reading to learn more about using several instances (e.g. using MapReduce style frameworks).

Course suitable for

Beginners/Intermediate users who now after attending the previous modules now understand the use of the Research Cloud. But they have no idea how much compute power and storage they’ll need.

Beginners who want to know about key factors for choosing the right amount of resources will benefit from this module. However it is probably more interesting to intermediate users who have some experience with configuring and running specific for their research.

Before the course

No preparation needed for this course.