And… we’re done! Ready for more?

This module has discussed factors which help determine the amount of resources (computing and storage) which may be required. Different types of storage that are available have been introduced, which should help you decide which type is most suitable for your research purposes. We have also discussed key factors which help determine how many cores you should choose for your instance. You may have found that it is worth doing a bit more reading to learn more about using several instances (e.g. using MapReduce style frameworks).

You now have all the knowledge required to get started with using the NeCTAR research cloud: You know what a virtual machine is and what is required to keep it secure; you know the types of storage available to you, and you have at least a rough idea about how many cores, instances and which types of storage you will require.

Before you continue, you may take a brief look at the related literature for this Module.

Continue with Module 7 to start getting some hands-on experience with launching and using virtual machines.