Duration: 2-3 hours (video about an hour)

Level: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced


This module provides hands-on instructions on how to launch an instance and connect to it. Two ways to connect are going to be presented: (a) with the command line (ssh) and (b) to a remote desktop. After having connected, this module will discuss first configurations necessary (e.g. update system) and then go on to instructions on how to set up the storage so it can be accessed from the instance and remotely from the office computer.


Topics of this module cover:

  • Register on the Dashboard
  • Creating SSH Keys
  • Launching an instance
  • Connecting via ssh
  • Installing and connecting to a remote desktop
  • Running graphical interfaces via the SSH shell
  • Installing a web server and creating a first simple website
  • Managing storage
    • Format and mount secondary ephemeral drive and volumes
    • Access the object store via the Dashboard and via other clients
    • Copying files across using FTP or scp
  • Instructions for some troubleshooting


  • face to face
  • video
  • hands-on exercises


The researcher will have learned a lot in this module — they will have their first instance running, with volume storage attached, and they will know how to effectively use the object storage and how to copy files between their local computer and the NeCTAR storage types. If they have never used the command line before, they should be relieved to have discovered the possibility of connecting to a remote desktop.

Course suitable for

Intermediate users who have attended the previous courses and now want to get some hands-on experience. But having never used SSH before they need some help getting started.

Before the course

The attendee needs to bring their own laptop (and charger!) if there are no Lab computers available. Instructions in this Module cover Linux, Mac OSX and Windows systems.

No software needs to be installed in advance, all of this is going to be covered in the exercises.