This guide is intended to help trainers plan to present the training package.


About 2-3 hours


Venue has to fit all participants either:

  • sitting on a table with their own laptops and access to electricity
  • in a lab where each participant can use their own computer

Operating systems supported in the course:

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Mac OSX

Trainers and Capacity

It is suggested that not more than 20 people participate.

For less than 5 participants, one trainer should be sufficient.

For any additional 5-7 participants, one additional trainer should attend. Otherwise, the time taken to help participants with the exercises will drag out the length of this course and leave the quicker people bored while waiting for the others to catch up.

Resources required

  • Projector
  • Course materials (slides)
  • Online documentation accessible from the lab
  • All participants must have access to the NeCTAR cloud via AAF
  • Participants will be asked to install software during the course (it could be asked of them to do beforehand, but many people will have forgotten to do so, so it will have to be done during the course anyway):
    • PuTTY tools (if they use windows)
    • FileZilla
    • X2Go client and/or any VNC client/viewer
  • Windows users will need access to the Windows command line (possibly has to be enabled by IT department, if course is held in a lab)