Well done!!

You have completed the probably longest and hardest Module and are on your way to becoming an experienced Cloud user.

This module has provided hands-on instructions on how to launch an instance and connect to it. Two ways to connect have been presented: (a) with the command line (ssh) and (b) to a remote desktop. After having connected, we have gone through the first configurations necessary (e.g. updating the system) and then we went on to instructions on how to set up the storage so it can be accessed from the instance and remotely from the office computer.

Topics have covered:

  • Registering on the Dashboard
  • Creating SSH Keys
  • Launching an instance
  • Connecting via ssh
  • Installing and connecting to a remote desktop
  • Running graphical interfaces via the SSH shell
  • Installing a web server and creating a first simple website
  • Managing storage
    • Format and mount secondary ephemeral drive and volumes
    • Access the object store via the Dashboard and via other clients
    • Copying files across using FTP or scp

You may be interested in taking a look at the Appendix which provides some more information and instructions for some troubleshooting.

You are now ready to go on with Module 8 which will discuss a few security-related topics.