Good on ya!!!

You have now learned how to back up your instances and your data and release it securely for other researchers. You have also learned how to recover your resources after you have terminated or deleted them, without having lost anything.

In summary, this module has covered:

  • An introduction on why it is important to terminate/delete resources
  • Creating snapshots of a VM and of Volumes.
  • Launching a VM from a snapshot
  • Creating Images from a volume
  • Tools to use for backing up volumes
    • Difference between Backup and Snapshot
    • Backups using OpenStack
    • Backups using RSync
    • Creating an image of a volume using dd
    • Using BackupPC to install a backup server
    • Overview of other backup tools
  • Cleaning up:
    • Securely erasing data with dd or shred
    • Terminating instances and volumes via the Dashboard

Modules 1-9 have covered all you need to know to get started with the Research Cloud using the Dashboard and other tools.

You are now ready to apply your knowledge about the Research Cloud to your research!

If you like using the command line to get things done, you will love the extra information given in the last Module, which will show you how you can get everything we have learned so far done using command line only.

We hope you have enjoyed this course. Don’t hesitate to contact NeCTAR support if you have any further questions on how to set up and use the NeCTAR services.

If you are interested in learning about the command line tools, continue now with Module 10.