Duration: 1-2 hours

Level: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced


This module provides an overview of the OpenStack command line tools — how to configure them to interact with the cloud.

This module is designed for advanced users who want to learn more about command line tools to control the NeCTAR resources. This can help to automate procedures, for example with scripts for backup processes. Worked examples of the OpenStack command line tool openstack are included in this Module.


The openstack client command line tool is going to be applied to the following scenarios:

  • Installation of OpenStack command line clients
  • Launching and terminating an instance
  • Taking snapshots of instances and relaunching from snapshots
  • Creating and deleting volumes
  • Making backups and taking snapshots of volumes
  • Accessing the object store
  • Tracking utilization (ceilometer intro)


  • face to face
  • video
  • hands-on exercises


The researcher will know how to use the openstack command line client to configure and control their OpenStack resources.

Course suitable for

The advanced researcher who is now comfortable with cloud computing, using the Dashboard, and maintenance activities. They like to use command line tools to get things done more efficiently. Now, they want to learn how they can do everything that has been done in earlier modules using the command line — they want to know about the tools and hand to automate things.

They may have heard that OpenStack has command line tools, but they don’t know how to use them with the Research Cloud.

Before the course

The attendee needs to bring their own laptop (and charger!) if there are no Lab computers available. Instructions in this Module cover Linux, Mac OSX and Windows systems.

The user should have already logged onto the Dashboard once to activate their Trial Account. They should be familiar will all terminology and steps involved in setting up NeCTAR services, specifically the information given in Modules 7-9.

Users do not need to have instances up an running already. Everything will be done in this Module.

No software needs to be installed in advance, all of this is going to be covered in the exercises.